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    July 10, 2013
    12:00 - 12:31pm PDT  

wreckage on the runway is impacting operations at sfo. when it will be cleared is one of the questions after the asiana crash. in two hours from now the ntsb will give us another update on the investigation into saturday's crash of the asiana airlines jetliner. speed and altitude or the two
factors being looked at closely. clue dean has a new look at what went wrong. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. from our vantage point, we can show you a few things. take a look behind me and you can see planes are up and running at the airport. and the investigation is continuing as well at the site where the flight crash landed. it looks like the boeing 777 will stay there a few more days. it's impacting traffic at sfo but they will take their time gathering evidence before they clear the scene. the ntsb says it could take as many as 18 months to wrap up the investigation. we are learning more. this morning the ntsb said the pilots told investigators during interviews this week that even though they believed they engaged the autothrottle which monitors speed and elevation, they knew they were flying too slow and too low. isn't part of the lesson that
tough pay attention. that everything is so automated but that you can't rely on automation regardless? >> we have conducted a number of investigations in the past, approach and landing, critical phase of flight. pilot monitoring skills are important. >> reporter: we wanted to give you a new perspective of how low and how slow flight 214 was. on the top of your screen is video of flight 214 making its approach. on the bottom of your screen a flight we watch come in this morning. take a look at the difference between the two planes, at how high today's plane was compared to 214. watch the landing as flight 214 hits the seawall. today's plane is well above the ground and doesn't touchdown until about where the wreckage of 214 is sitting. 214 slid a couple of hundred feet before coming to a rest there. it's one view of what went wrong in an investigation that
is just beginning. back out live at sfo, investigators are back on the closed runway. sfo estimates there are about 50 flights a day canceled or delayed because of the airport's reduced capacity. the ntsb says the runway could stay closed until the end of next week. even after that debris is cleared and the wreckage is hauled away, they still have to fix the runway. sfo toppled me a little bit ago that that could take days to fix. live near sfo, claudine wong. >> thank you. the next update on the investigation is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon. to watch it live, go to where we will be streaming it or use the ktvu app. many pilots and advocates are upset that federal investigators were so quick to release so much information about the asiana airline crash even though some say that is the ntsb's job. >> they are letting people know how the investigation is
processing. that is exactly what they should be doing. >> pilots believe the information revealed so far gives the impression that the asiana pilots may have made mistakes. the former spokesman for sfo says the ntsb has an obligation to inform the public whether pilots, the airline, airport or faa like it or not. more victims of saturday's crash have been released from the hospital. san francisco general just gave us an update one hour ago. eight people are in that hospital. that is down from 12 last night. three are in critical condition including one child. stanford hospital has four victims, one in critical condition. coming up, a look at safety and seat belts on board airplanes. what passengers think of three- point seat belts like in cars and we will hear from the trauma surgeon at sf general about that. san jose reached a big milestone this morning. ground was broken to build a brand-new headquarters for
technology giant samsung. new at noon, we are live at the event on north first street in san jose with what this means for jobs in silicon valley. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. we are at the corner of first street and tasman. you can see heavy equipment and piles of dirt. in the summer of 2015 this will be a multimillion dollar facility, a major hub for research and innovation. samsung executives, state and city leaders including the mayor dug their shovels into the dirt to celebrate the construction of samsung electronic's newest facility. they had a two story building that housed 200 employees in san jose. but the new building will be 10 stories high and have 1.1 million square feet of floor space. they plan to hire more than a thousand people for the
research and development facility. executives say san jose was chosen because of the talent that exists here and they wanted to be closer to silly von valley consumers. >> if you look at samsung history and using this as another jumping off point, you will see dramatic job growth in the bay area. >> reporter: samsung employees were given a video preview of what they could expect at the $300 million facility. plenty of open airspace including rain gardens, gym facilities and a star like cafeteria under a vegetative roof. the research and development facility will focus on what new devices samsung should create a based on consumer de -- create based on consumer demand. >> all right. thank you. the first public court hearing is about to get underway for the man accused of
the boston marathon bombings. the sirens are blaring. dzhokhar tsarvaev was transported to the courthouse a short while ago. he was in a four vehicle motorcade. there is an overflow crowd inside the courthouse. he is charged with detonating bombs at the marathon finish line in april that killed 3 people. his older brother and alleged accomplice died in a shoot out with police. today a phone dummy was used in the trial of george zimmerman. both the prosecution and defense attorneys used the dummy to demonstrate the fight between george zimmerman and trayvon martin. an expert testified that based on zimmerman's injuries, he believed martin was the aggressor on top. zimmerman claims he shot the unarmed teen in self-defense. prosecutors argue that zimmerman would have had trouble grabbing a gun if martin was on top of him. san jose police are
questioning a suspect in connection with the deadly stabbing at a homeless shelter. it happened overnight at julienne street inn behind the shark tank. the victim, whose identity has not been released is a white man in his 40s according to police. investigators believe two residents got in a fight and one man stabbed the other. we talked to a woman staying at the shelter and describes what she heard. >> i just heard the victim yelling help me, help me, please, i just got stabbed. call 911. and that's when i -- i woke up to that. i went in the room and he was bleeding out of his neck. >> the shelter serves mentally ill clients. they don't know if that played a factor in the stabbing. counselors have been brought in to help residents deal with the death. fremont police are trying to track down a man that was caught stealing a package from the front porch of a home. the suspect is a transient but his last known address is in
san jose. police say a surveillance video shows him pulling up in a blue bmw to a home on simeon drive a month ago. he gets out of the car, walks to the porch then walks back to the car with a package in his hand. it contains toys from police issued a warrant for his arrest. more debate about how the bolt problem became bad on the bay bridge. >> mark will be here in a few minutes to tell you how warm it will get in your neighborhood this afternoon and how long the uptick in temperatures will last. >> and out with the old. an east bay landmark important to the health of many people started coming down this morning.
the chp is investigating a fiery crash on interstate 80 in memoryville this morning that temporarily blocked all lanes. a big rig rear ended a van around 1:00 a.m. and the van rolled and burst into flames. both drivers escaped without injury but the van was destroyed. some lanes remained closed for the cleanup but were open in time for the commute. bay bridge officials are admitting several missteps and miss calculations were made
when they installed problematic bolts on the bridge's eastern span. brian flores is here to let us know when it will open. >> it won't open on labor day weekend but officials are depending on the contractor to have the bolt fix assembled and installed by december 10th. officials are meeting with the bay area transit authority on a complete report on how the bolts failed and the fix for it. that meeting is scheduled to go into the afternoon. we know the bolts became embrittled. they say more testing should have been done and given a possibility to hydrogen corrosion. they looked at the retrofit on the richmond san rafael bridge but they failed to realize the bolts were different than the eastern span. in terms of an opening date and when a celebration may occur, that depends on the fix first. >> we will be looking at a
bridge opening date based on, of course, the retrofit completion, based on whether windows as we approach the end of the year -- >> >> reporter: officials say the original plan to open labor day weekend was because of typical warm and clear weather but bridge construction officials say if there is a december opening that could delay the process even more because you have to move the lanes from the old span to the new one. >> asphalt work needs good weather. there is no alternative. it can't be raining. the temperature of asphalt is important when it's put down. so, it's weather specific unlike many other constructions you can work in different conditions. >> there is no indication of when the celebration of the bay bridge would take place either. overall officials say they need to build public trust. the bay bridge is 10 years behind schedule. we will have much more at 5:00 and 6:00. back to the desk. >> thank you, brian. the 5.6 million celebration of the bridge opening is now in
limbo. more than 100,000 people were expected to participate in the opening celebrations which were to include a walk, run and bike across the new span. but since the labor day opening has been pushed back, the toll authority board who was going to organize the celebration is deciding whether to have the opening celebration at all. now back to the continuing coverage on the sfo crash. while nearly everyone survived the crash, many people sustained permanent injuries which has raised questions about safety and seat belts. we talked to the trauma surgeon at sf general where the most critical of the plane crash victims were treated. they say the internal injuries they witnessed are similar to those of the days before shoulder seat belts were put in cars. >> when you get thrown forward you can have injuries to your back, chest, revoluntary shown
injuries inside your abdomen. >> we talked to sfo about the concerns. >> you have them in cars, why not planes. >> it's a good idea considering what happened to all these people with the injuries. >> the airlines say adding three-point seat belts would require major changes and higher prices to make up for it. other doctors warned that shoulder belts might just transfer any injuries higher up the body, to the neck. the crash of the asiana jet could delay the airline's plans to ex-pant service. asiana ordered 46 new jets and was working to add flights from south korea to los angeles and new york city. passengers may steer clear of asiana in the short term but they say air traffic from south korea is increasing and asiana has had a good safety record. they don't expect the accident to hurt the airline in the long run. tomorrow night ktvu will air a special report on the crash landing at sfo.
the one hour special will have complete coverage of the investigation and include more about the heroic efforts to save passengers. the show airs at 9:00 p.m. on ktvu channel 2. japan's nipon airways is expanding the dreamliner service. the airline has been flying into san jose five days a week with no service on tuesdays or thursdays. starting tomorrow, there will be a flight that leaves san jose at 1:00 in the afternoon every day of the week. they currently have the only dreamliner service in the bay area. a proposal to reduce the human footprint at yosemite is stirring up controversy. visitors would no longer be able to rent bicycles, horses or river rafts in yosemite valley. in response to the public outcry the park's director says the agency is looking at alternatives that would allow those activities to continue in the park.
final details won't be out until december. well, a little cooler across the bay area. you can see the reason why. the fog increased in coverage first thing this morning and evidence of the fog bank out in the distance by san francisco and hugging a good portion of the bay area coastline. on live storm tracker 2, you can't take out the satellite perspective, clear skies inland. there is the solid fog bank out to point rays and there is the golden gate bridge with solid overcast. that will help cool off temperatures today. inland we will talk about neighborhoods around 90 degrees. right now it's 82 in livermore. san jose 73. downtown san francisco upper 50s. santa rosa in the 70s. wind speed, on shore wind at fairfield 20 miles per hour. winds out of the northwest in oakland and more neighborhoods, more observations, sfo northwesterly wind sustained at
18 miles per hour. forecast headlines, coastal fog, a little cooler. tomorrow, morning clouds. the weekend is a little bit of a warming trend. these are minor changes the next few days. temperature drop today, i want to show you higher clouds and radar activity in southern california. we could pick up a few high clouds approaching the southern portions of the bay area by mid- to late afternoon. today we had the fog at the shoreline and a few high clouds mainly to the south. you will notice the clouds increase and down to the southern santa clara valley later on this afternoon. the forecast model picks up on the high cloud deck by 5:00 this afternoon from moneterey bay to the south. the cult off with the -- cut off with the overcast to the south and clear skies to the north and the same deal tomorrow morning then we scale back on the high overcast and hold on to overcast near parts of the coastline. temperatures this afternoon,
warmest location, low to mid- 90s in lakewood. downtown 64 degrees. more neighborhoods coming up for you, san jose lower 80s. san mateo 74. five-day forecast, with your weekend always in view, we cool things off into thursday and friday. then we warm things back up. a few minor changes saturday and sunday. sunday should be the warmest day. that will translate to low to mid-90s inland. if you want relief from the heat -- yesterday was hot. we will shave off a few more today and more cooling for thursday. >> sounds good. thank you, mark. the bay area air quality management district is holding a free public forum tomorrow on new approaches to monitoring air pollution from oil refineries and chemical plants. the air district ceo says the idea behind the forum is to improve refinery pollution monitoring in the bay area. the forum will be held from 9:30 a.m.
to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow at the air board meeting room 939 ellis street in san francisco. a man who san jose police say is responsible for a string of armed robberies is behind bars. police say marquis reese robbed the stores between june 24 and july 2nd. according to investigators, he disguised his face and pointed a gun at the store clerk. an impressive demolition project is underway in castro valley. the nation's tallest excavator is chomping away at the old eden medical center. it took the first bite around 7:30 this morning working from the 7th floor to the ground. about 80,000 babies have been born inside the 58-year old structure. it's a bittersweet good-bye. >> we are happy to be in the
new facility. we have great memories at the old hospital. so, we are sad to see it go. >> the new hospital opened last december next to the old hospital. it will take about a month to finish the demolition. the space will be used for additional parking, landscaping and walking paths. were fogging will take place in the battle against the west nile virus. more news impacting silicon valley and the court ruling on apps you may find.
well, stock market mixed in afternoon trading minutes after the federal policy meeting show many fed leaders show the job market improvement would have to be sustained before the central bank pulls away the support for the economy. live look at the big board, the dow is down 18. nasdaq up 12. s&p down one. apple and amazon ended the lawsuit over the right to use the title app store clearing the way for both companies to use the name. the case was dismissed by a judge in oakland at the request of both companies. apple filed the trademark lawsuit in march 2011 accusing amazon of misusing the app
store name to solicit developers from mobile software download service. new smoke shops wanting to open in antiyak have to wait until may of 2014. city leaders extended the moratorium on new permits and licenses. some residents say smoke shops increase crime and underage smoking. city staff say they have the time to revise shop hours of operation, location and proximity to schools and parks. santa clara county vector control will be fogging for mosquitoes to help get rid of the west nile virus. the fogging is scheduled to be blossom hill, santa theresa and snell avenue in south san jose. it will start at 11:00 in the evening and last several hours. the fogging comes after some mosquitoes in the area tested positive for west nile virus. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 we have continuing coverage of the crash of asiana flight 214. we are expecting another update
from the ntsb in about 90 minutes, plus we are tracking the ceo of the airline. he may visit victims at the hospital. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we will see you the next time news breaks. we are always here for you at and mobile have a great day.
>> coming next, these greyhounds have lost their jobs. what's in store for these retired racers? follow their remarkable journey. this is "animal rescue." [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.]